In April 2007, Luis Sirias from Managua, aged 17, was seated in front of his house when he suddenly heard shooting and seconds later felt a terrible pain in his leg; unfortunately for him fate had placed him in the crossfire, which was raging just a few metres away from his house between the police and a band of robbers.

Doctors could not save his leg and had no choice but to amputate it from above the knee. He left high school and spent most of his time at home for the following three years.

“My life and my dreams faded away when they told me that I was going to lose my leg. I was ashamed to be seen as a disabled person” he said.

In 2014 he met the chief of the CENAPRORTO orthopaedic workshop, who immediately invited him to visit the centre for an evaluation. A few months later, he received his first prosthesis thanks to the donation of materials and components made by the SFD.

Now, Luis has just finished a cell phone repair course which allows him to work at home repairing mobile phones.

“I realized that if I wanted to form a family in the future, I had to do something with my life” he said.