togoTogo’s health sector has made some progress in recent years, but many people still lack access to medical care. The country ratified the UNCRPD in 2011, and physical rehabilitation services are available at the Centre National d’Appareillage Orthopédique (CNAO), the national referral centre, and at regional centres, including the Centre Régional d’Appareillage Orthopédique de Kara (CRAO-K). However, these government-run centres need more resources to fully meet the demand for their services.

The Ecole Nationale des Auxiliaires Médicaux (ENAM) trains physiotherapists, prosthetists and orthotists from the region. The African Federation of Orthopaedic Technicians (FATO), which fosters the exchange of knowledge among professionals across the continent, and the African Organization for the Development of Centres for Disabled People (OADCPH), which provides centralized purchasing services and training to its members, are both present in Togo.