Shakhboz, 23 years old, has to migrate as many other Tajiks (over a 1 million working migrants currently in Russia and Kazakhstan) to find possibility to support his family, which lives in a bad economical conditions. He is undergoing the second fitting with two trans-tibial prostheses and is quite happy with services provided.

The picture was taken during the visit to the State Enterprise Orthoapedic Plants (SEOP) of ICRC trainer surgeon and participants of ICRC seminar “Surgery for weapon wounded”. During the seminar SFD team had presentation “Early Physical Rehabilitation and prosthetic management” for 27 surgeons from various regions of Tajikistan.

Shakhboz is full of energy and would like to study English language in Dushanbe.



The ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD) support inTajikistan the State Enterprise Orthopaedic Plant (SEOP) by improving the capacity of its main partner.