Joel NiningerJoel Nininger
Head of physical rehabilitation projects – Asia

Born in Aurillac, France. Joël worked initially as a shoe maker before joining le Lycée D’Alembert in Paris where he obtained a first diploma in Orthopaedic Shoe in 1988.

He then switched to Prosthetic and Orthotic in the same school where he passed a brevet de technician supérieur in Prosthetic and Orthotic in 1991 and the following year in Orthopaedic Shoe.

After a short period in a private company in Paris, Joël and an associate established a private practice near Orléans specialized in paediatric orthotics and orthopaedic shoes and where he stayed until 1996. He then worked in the North of France in a large prosthetic orthotic company as technical director before joining the ICRC in 1998. Joël has worked for the ICRC in Cambodia, Sudan, Iraq and Myanmar and became head of the SFD’s regional office for Asia in August 2013. Contact Joel