A young tajik boy learns how to live his life with a disability

Marufjon Saidakhmad is a Tajik boy of 16 years old, victim of an UnExploded Ordonance (UXO). He was playing outside in the field when he found the UXO and thought it was desactivated. Unfortunately it wasn’t: it exploded and Marufjon was transported to the hospital in emergency. He had his right hand and eye severly wounded. He received the first treatments, but the doctors were unable to save his hand and had to amputate him.

Tajikistan-Aligning with good practices

In 2014 the newly formed Tajik Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MoHSPP) engaged in discussions and stakeholders on the physical rehabilitation sector. For the first time a 5-year National Strategic Plan for the rehabilitation  of People with Disabilities was developed and validated ba the Presidency in 2016.