Max Deneu
Director of Operations

Max Deneu was Born in 1957, he completed its P&O training in France in 1981. Since 1985, Max has been working with various organizations overseas, starting with Handicap International in Thailand working in the Cambodian refugee camps. In 1987, Max joined the ICRC Physical Rehabilitation Department and was Head of Project in many countries: Soudan, Angola, Somalia, and Ethiopia. In 1995, Max joined a UK based charity organization (POWER) where he became country Director for Mozambique. Back with the ICRC Physical Rehabilitation Department in 2002, Max was Head of Project in Angola and Myanmar. During his career overseas, Max completed a number of technical and managerial trainings (CAD/CAM at The Rehabilitation Centre, Ottawa Canada; Management training, MaST in London UK; various ICRC management training). In 2007, Max Deneu became head of the SFD’s regional office for Africa in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia.

Max was appointed Director of the SFD in October 2012, he is now focusing on the management of the SFD’s operations worldwide. Contact Max