In June, the SFD organized a two-week training on Ankle-Foot-Orthotics (AFO) services at CRMM, coached by both P&O and physiotherapist expatriates.

The objectives of this training were to improve the manufacturing capacities of P&O technicians as well as to develop an interdisciplinary approach between the members of the clinical team (technicians, physiotherapists, doctors) to optimize treatment’s objectives defined during the initial patient assessment.


4 technicians from CRMM and 4 from CAM participated, together with doctors and physiotherapists in the treatment of 7 patients.


Seven patients suffering from common pathologies treated in the physical rehabilitation centres in Madagascar were fitted with a type of device chosen by the P&O together with the doctors and the physiotherapists.

The timetable proposed for the training was built in order to accommodate enough time for device adjustment, for walk analysis and for improving patients’ comfort.

It was an opportunity for all these professionals to practise together and to understand the positive impact of a common and shared approach in order to improve the patients’ treatment outcome.