of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) on April 4th.  The MoU governs the cooperation agreement between the MoLISA, the MoH and the SFD set up to implement a National study on Mobility Aids in Viet Nam.

The SFD is sponsoring this one-off comprehensive national survey on mobility devices with the aim to take stock of the present situation and provide evidence-based information on the needs of – and services for – persons with physical disabilities in Viet Nam, so that relevant long-term planning can be carried out under the leadership of national authorities.

Joël Nininger, SFD Head of projects in Viet Nam comments: “This study is in line with our first general objective to help structure and sustain the national physical rehabilitation sector. With a steadily growing economy, Viet Nam should in the future be able to provide services to all its physically disabled persons without continuous support from the SFD”,

While, over the years, very important results have been achieved within the tri-partite collaboration, there is as yet no comprehensive data on the needs in the country, the approximate costs of covering these needs, and the social and financial benefits of doing so.

This study will contribute towards maximizing opportunities for persons with physical disabilities to access affordable quality physical rehabilitation services, which, in turn, will increase their opportunities to actively participate and exercise their rights in society.”

MoLISA, MoH and SFD work jointly to prepare the project plan, organise data collection, monitor the study, review the final report and disseminate the result. They will be supported by two researchers, one Vietnamese and one international consultant.

The implementation of this study is possible thanks to funding from NorCross, i.e. the Norwegian Red Cross.