The 4 students have successful approved all their lessons from the first semester 2016, it wasn’t easy, especially because none of them are used to live alone, or far away from their families,

“the first days were very difficult because none of us didn’t even know how to cook”, said Leeroy.

For Nancy and Heidi the most difficult part was to adapt to a new way of living, and follow the classes rhythm, especially the subjects like math and anatomy, they had to take extra lessons in order to approve the first semester.

They participated in the ISPO <Uniendo Fronteras> congress on past June, and also participated in the orthotics workshops which were developed during the congress.

The SFD maintains a very fluid communications with all 4 students and also with the UDB professors, in order to notice immediately and develop a plan of action if there is a risk for a student to fail a class.