The plan to renovate ENAML’s technical rooms had been under discussion since 2014 and work started in the last quarter of 2015; it was completed in the first weeks of 2016. The results are excellent.

The Ministry of Health co-financed the project and led its implementation; it benefited from SFD majority funding amounting to some 170,000 CHF.

Validation of the renovation plan and choice of equipment was carried out by a technical committee created by ENAML, which included the trainers and administrators of the school and SFD specialists.

Besides the technical unit (plaster rectification room with 24 workplaces; machinery – 90% of which is new; assembly rooms with 32 workplaces; distinct areas for glueing, thermoforming and thermoplastics), a new multi-purpose building suitable for up to 50-70 trainees (150 sq. m) is used for clinical workshops in ortho-prosthetics and physiotherapy, and various other courses. Four classrooms have been renovated and equipped with air-conditioning.


All the classrooms are connected to the planned Intranet network. The courtyard that leads to the physical rehabilitation department has been made fully accessible for wheelchairs


The new premises were formally opened on 11 February 2016 by a representative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Professor Vo Vor, director of planning.


In the presence of the Ministry of Health, the SFD stakeholders and partners (Togolese Red Cross, FETAPH, HI, CNAO and ENAML) are pleased of this new set up that will serve the purpose of ENAML P&O and PT training departments.