2017 marks an important milestone for the ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD) which has now been renamed the ICRC MoveAbility Foundation. This new name, resolutely positive, focuses on the development of the ability, rather than on the disability. It also underlines the synergy with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The new name and branding have been introduced with the 5-year strategy. It’s main goal is to expand MoveAbility’s activities to respond more efficiently to the growth of disability prevalence in less-resourced countries. With an ambitious business plan, MoveAbility intends to change the lives of nearly 350’000 persons with disabilities.

 “MoveAbility’s new strategy reflects a 360° perspective as a mean to develop the physical rehabilitation sector in less-resourced countries. I see a very stimulating way ahead and I look forward to contributing to the success of MoveAbility.”

Jürg Kesselring, MoveAbility Board Chairman

Although MoveAbility is an independent Swiss Foundation since 2001, it is historically and emotionally linked to the ICRC, where it has its headquarters. It shares, not only facilities, but also their knowledge and expertise with one another, most specifically with the Physical rehabilitation programme (PRP).

In the perspective of pursuing this fruitful collaboration, Yves Daccord – ICRC Director-General – and Jürg Kesselring – MoveAbility Chairman – signed the renewal of our Cooperation Agreement on December 15, 2016. The agreement describes MoveAbility‘s relationship with the ICRC and clarifies the respective responsibilities and contributions of both organizations in the implementation of projects benefiting persons with disabilities

“The Cooperation Agreement between ICRC and MoveAbility marks the continuity of our collaboration, but also our full support to the new ambition of MoveAbilty. For the ICRC, the complementarity of both organizations is the key to increasing our answer to the growing needs of persons with disabilities, both in emergency and development contexts”

Yves Daccord, ICRC Director General

Read the joint letter from Yves Daccord and Jürg Kesselring