SGS CERTIFICATION 1280pxIn November 2013, the SFD received the NGO Benchmarking Certification of the Société Générale de Surveillance SGS. This certification demonstrates SFD compliance with internationally accepted NGO management best practices.

Ensuring the transparency, integrity and performance of the Special Fund for the Disabled is of crucial importance to our stakeholders such as donors, beneficiaries, contractors or local authorities.

A neutral third-party audit is the best way of providing an impartial, comprehensive understanding of our accountability. The SGS assessed our performance and compliance levels against a comprehensive set of objectively measurable criteria and international best practices, and established a framework towards continuous improvement.

The report was articulated around the following perspectives:

1 – Dimensions and best practices

  • Governing body
  • Strategic framework
  • Integrity management
  • Communication, Advocacy and public image
  • Human resources
  • Fund-raising, resources allocation and financial controls
  • Operations
  • Outcomes
  • Continuous improvement

2 – Contributors’ expectations

3 – Management components

4 – Continuous improvement


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