Maslah Mohamed, 22, is a bright and dynamic young man from Somalia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in September 2018, plays football regularly and does photography and video at weddings in his spare time. At first glance, Maslah is a young man full of enthusiasm and energy, but what is so special about him is his boundless dynamism despite his disability. He underwent amputation below the right knee following a car accident.

He was 12 years old when he had an accident on his way to school. He was seriously injured in his right leg and lost the use of it. He was amputated a year later at the Somali Red Crescent Society rehabilitation center in Mogadishu.

Losing this part of his body was very difficult to accept and radically changed his life. He had to learn to live differently but he managed to adapt to this new situation quickly, as he tells:

“I was well cared for at the rehabilitation center and once I had received my prosthesis, I was followed regularly to learn how to use it and how to move around with it. I quickly got back into sports and over time I reached the same level as my peers. Today I live as if I still had my leg. I do whatever I want and I don’t set any barriers for myself. If I had to take something out of this difficult experience, it’s that it gave me the thirst for life!”