The University Don Bosco (UDB) and the SFD have been widening their cooperation with the development of several courses sessions  and with the implementation of the SFD beneficiary satisfaction survey .

They have conjointly organized a Clinical orthotic short course at the UDB facilities in San Salvador from the 11th to the 22nd of July. It has been organized with a multidisciplinary perspective, mixing different type of professionals and nationalities. 14 professionals from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti and Ecuador participated in this course, including 8   P&O technicians, 5 physiotherapists and 1 physiatrist.

The participants were all very enthusiastic about this innovative approach. Though some participants were novice in the manufacturing of orthotic devices, this course gave them a global perspective of the domain. They understood concretely the need for efficient communication between the P&O workshop and the Physiotherapy department, especially for the manufacturing of the lower limb orthotics.

Encouraged by this success, the SFD will continue to organize this course with the supportive rehabilitation centers for all the technicians manufacturing lower limb orthotics and with this same multidisciplinary approach.