Many people suffer foot related mobility problems, caused by serious foot deformities and diseases such as diabetes. Those problems can be mitigated with orthopaedic shoes. Unfortunately, people leaving in low- and middle-income countries have little chance to find this service due to the scarcity of skilled staff or facilities.

Therefore, vietcot, the Vietnamese Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technologists, one of our main partners in VietNam, organizes a 18 months training on orthopaedic shoe technology.

This course is currently the only training taking place in a low- and middle- income country. It has been initiated by the Dutch Leprosy Foundation (NLR) and the Liliane Foundation and is taking place at the vietcot located in Vietnam, Hanoi.

It has been financed, with a grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery via the project

“These Shoes are made for Walking”.Logo These shoes are made for walking

The MoveAbility office in Hanoi, located in the vietcot school, also regularly organizes prosthetics and orthotics courses. The MoveAbility Regional Manager of Asia, Joël Nininger, moreover occasionnally participates to module exams as external examiner.


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