Composition & function

The Board shall be composed of at least 7 and no more than 9 members. It exercises the overall surveillance of MoveAbility and shall define the general policy thereof.
The chairman of the Board shall be a member of the ICRC’s Assembly. He may appoint other representatives of the ICRC to the Board.


jurg-kesselringJürg Kesselring
Chairman of MoveAbility

Born in 1951, Prof. Dr. Jürg Kesselring is Head of Department of Neurology & Neurorehabilitation, Rehabilitation Centre, Valens, Switzerland. Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation, University of Bern and Center of Neuroscience, University and ETH Zürich.

Jürg is also President of the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, former Chairman of the International Medical and Scientific Board of Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF), as well as Chairman of the WHO Working Group on Multiple Sclerosis.

Former ICRC medical delegate to Lebanon, Pakistan and Zaire, Jürg is also a member of the ICRC Assembly Council.

Jürg Kesselring has been member of the Board in 2013 and elected Chairman in January 2014.


sven-mollekleivSven Mollekleiv
Vice-Chairman of MoveAbility

Born in Bergen, Norway, Sven Mollekleiv holds a Master of Arts degree in Athletics. Sven served as Chairman of the Norwegian Student Union, where he also worked as an Editor, from 1979 to 1981. In 1982 he joined the Norwegian Confederation of Sports, serving as Information Director, assistant Secretary-General and Development Manager.

From 1988 to 1992, Sven was Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Norwegian Football Association. For 10 years (1991 to 2001) he held the position of Secretary-General of the Norwegian Red Cross. In 2001 Sven joined Det Norske Veritas (DNV), where he served as Director of Human Resources and member of the Executive Board.

Since 2003, Sven has been Director of DNV Corporate Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is also DNV’s Ombudsman worldwide and its representative in the UN Global Compact and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Sven is also a member of several boards and committees, including Amnesty International Norway, Red Cross Nordic United World Colleges, Telenor Satellite Services, the Ethical Council of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. Sven is also chairman of the VIF football club, and President of the Norwegian Red Cross since 2008.

Sven Mollekleiv has been a member of the Board and Vice-Chairman since October 2001.


charlotte-mcclain-nhlapo_2Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo 
MoveAbility Board member (ad personam)

Ms Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo is from South Africa and is trained as a human rights lawyer. She was appointed by the President of the United States of America to her current role as Coordinator of the Office for Disability and Inclusive Development in USAID. Over the years, Charlotte worked primarily in the area of human rights, with a particular interest in marginalized groups: children, women and people with disabilities.

In 1996, she worked in the South African Presidency as Legal Advisor and as a principal author of the Integrated National Disability Strategy. Charlotte was appointed in 1999 by President Nelson Mandela to the South African Human Rights Commission and reappointed by President Mbeki in October 2002. At the Commission, Charlotte focused on social and economic rights, and the rights of children and the disabled. Charlotte was formerly World Bank Senior Operations Officer in the Human Development Network, covering the regions of East Asia, the Pacific and Africa. She also represented the National Human Rights Institutions at the UN during the process of developing the UN Convention for People with Disabilities.

Since October 2014, Charlotte has been appointed as Disability Advisor in the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience (GP SURR) Global Practice of the World Bank Group.

Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo has been a member of the Board since November 2009.


Daniel Duvillard
MoveAbility Board member

Born in 1964 Daniel Duvillard holds a degree in Economics and a Master in International Management.
He joined the ICRC in 1992 and carried out about ten assignments in the Middle East and in Africa as delegate, coordinator and head of delegation.
At headquarters Daniel has served as Head of the fundraising unit in charge of the European Commission, Head of Operations for East Africa and, since 2013, is Deputy Director of the Financial Resources and Logistics Department.

Daniel is a member of the Board since October 2017.


rob-horvath_2Rob Horvath
MoveAbility Board member

Rob Horvath holds a postgraduate degree in counselling psychology, he worked with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Department of Education of the State of Michigan. Rob Horvath’s international career began when he joined the Peace Corps in 1988 to work as a community development volunteer in Thailand. Next, Rob worked as the Peace Corps’ Director of In-service Training before joining the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), where he had oversight of the agency’s disability and rehabilitation assistance programme for South-East Asia.

After 12 years in the field, Rob relocated to Washington DC to continue his work with USAID, this time at a global level. Rob currently serves as manager of USAID’s Patrick J. Leahy War Victims Fund. Rob also manages USAID’s Displaced Children and Orphans Fund, its Victims of Torture Program, and two additional initiatives that address the needs of people with disabilities and of those who require the use of a wheelchair.

He has been participating in the ICRC MoveAbility Foundation (former SFD) Board Meetings in his capacity as an expert since November 2010.

Rob Horvath is a member of the Board since May 2013.


pascal-hundtPascal Hundt
MoveAbility Board member

Pascal Hundt joined the ICRC in 1995 and carried out various assignments in the field, working successively as health delegate, health coordinator (Zaire, Congo Brazzaville, Afghanistan), Deputy Head of delegation and Head of Delegation (Somalia, Jordan, Sudan).

At headquarters, Mr. Hundt has served as Head of sector in the Assistance Division from 2000 to 2002 and, since September 2012, as Head of the Assistance Division.

Pascal Hundt is a member of the MoveAbility Board  since September 2012.