• What is your relationship with the ICRC?

The ICRC MoveAbility has been created by the ICRC in 1983. Its initial mission was to ensure the continuity of ICRC physical rehabilitation programs after the departure of the ICRC. In 2001, MoveAbility became an independent foundation under Swiss law. In 2017 a new strategy, name and logo was adopted and MoveAbility is now clearly focusing on the development sector while still being closely linked to  the ICRC.

The ICRC supports MoveAbility with logistical support, such as offices, audit, human resources etc. and ICRC and MoveAbility exchange information and experiences, most specifically with the Physical Rehabilitation Program (PRP). MoveAbility is integrated in the ICRC Health strategy as well as in the Special Appeal: Disability and Mine Action.

  • What is the difference between MoveAbility and the ICRC Physical Rehabilitation Program (PRP)?

MoveAbility is focusing on the sustainable development and instutionalization of the national physical rehabilitation sector and does not substitute national authorities whereas the ICRC PRP are providing assistance in fragile context through the provision of assistive devices and support to the sector.

MoveAbility will decide to enter a country upon request of the national authorities and an assessment of the sector will take place. Therefore MoveAbility does not  systematically enter a country following the ICRC’s departure, but assess whether or not the country meets the criteria.

There are exceptions, however, such as Cambodia, where the ICRC is still active, or Somalia, where we operate. The reason is that partnerships have been forged over the years and that the shift would have negative effects on the sector and the beneficiaries.

  • What is the difference between the Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD) and MoveAbility?

The SFD was established by the ICRC in 1983. To better meet the needs of people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries, the SFD adopted in 2017 a new business model and name that better reflects its activities and focus: the ICRC MoveAbility Foundation.

  • How does MoveAbility compares itself to other organizations involved in the disability/rehabilitation/inclusion?

MoveAbility has a holistic approach, which consists of intervening through different mechanisms (education, access, quality, management) to set up a sustainable and functioning rehabilitation system.

Compared to other organizations active in the field of disability in low- and middle-income countries, MoveAbility is an expert in the field of physical rehabilitation and focuses on the system-centered level.

  • How long is MoveAbility intending to stay in a country?

MoveAbility has set a project cycle of minimum five years. We monitor on a continuous bases the progress made and decides whether the key milestones have been reached or not and whether we can withdraw from the country.