Our origin dates back to 1981 when a resolution was adopted at the 24th International Red Cross & Red Crescent Conference recommending that “a special fund be formed for the benefit of the disabled and to promote the implementation of durable projects to aid disabled persons”. A couple of years later, the ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD) was created by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), with the mission to ensure the continuity of former ICRC physical rehabilitation programmes.

In January 2001, the ICRC Assembly converted the SFD into an independent foundation under Swiss law. The SFD started to fund its activities independently through a yearly appeal, and expanded its activities to non-former ICRC programs. Since then, representatives of donors, experts on disability issues, and the Movement of Red Cross/Crescent Society joined our board to help us shape our future and help achieve a strategic shift from humanitarian assistance to development.

In the past years, the SFD activities and organizational structure were evaluated by several external auditing bodies. The objective was to study the effectiveness of the SFD’s programs and ability to meet the needs of its beneficiaries, and deliver recommendations for further improving programme implementation and impact.

As a first result to applying these recommendations, the SFD was awarded the NGO benchmarking certification in 2013, demonstrating SFD’s compliance with internationally accepted NGO management best practices. As a second result, we adopted a 3 years budgeting cycle to reflect better our long-term commitment on the field. We also adopted five general objectives and a set of indicators to guide our work and measure our progress in the long-term.

Strong of the above, and knowing that the number of persons with disabilities is growing, our governance and our donors advised us to develop a 5 years’ strategy and business plan to expand our activities and impact in less-resourced countries. To better reflect our identity and our work, we have rebranded and changed our name from the ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled to the ICRC MoveAbility Foundation.